About Ruthie

I have been inspired over the years by just about everything!!!!! There is never a moment at our house that something isn't being made or created! Having a background in textiles in design, it was easy for me to design and make quilts, clothes, and handmade things for my 4 children. Curtains, headboards, and pillows adorn their room just how they like. When Tula- age 7 entered the age of loving to play with dolls, I started making "grown up" things for her and her doll. This is where the love of making one of a kind headboards and beds was birthed...Eden and Esther. I know that if she loves her doll bed, chances are some other little girls out there will too! Ruthie

Hello world!

Hello World!

Eden and Esther is taking flight and I am excited to share it! I have created 3 styles of doll beds for the 18″ doll, the Empire, Temple, and Liberty. Each hand made with hand picked fabrics to create a one of a kind retreat for your little girl and her doll. They include a coordinating bedspread and pillow or throw.

Picture to come….